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Translating and Interpreting

There are very good books on canine behavior and dog training, many of which only exist in English or German. I love translating to make these books more accessible to Spanish speaking people. My mother tongue is German and I am bilingual in English and Spanish. I love languages and have been in the world of dog training and education for over 30 years, understanding very well the terminology in three languages. Apart from that, I offer help with the correction of translated books.

Behavior Consulting

“Meet Fido” is my philosophy and method, which is reflected in all the services I offer. It is based on the idea that no dog has the obligation to obey, but all dogs have the right to have a person by their side, helping them to live in our world, that to them is so difficult to understand. I will show you how to interpret your dog’s communication, as well as to communicate yourself with your dog.



Chrissi nos ha ayudado en las distintas etapas que hemos vivido Sombra y yo, el pre adiestramiento de cachorros me ayudó a entenderlas distintas etapas en el crecimiento de mi perra, dándome las herramientas para poder gestionar los problemas de conducta con los que me fui encontrando. A día de hoy conozco los miedos de mi perra y de esta forma puedo facilitarle y ayudarla en situaciones que la superan.

Chrissi taught us that having a dog isn’t about sticks, tricks and discipline, but about communication and understanding why dogs behave the way they do, and how to ensure both dog and owner are happy together. She really helped us work with our adopted dog Vitto and life is much happier with him thanks to her expertise.