Meet Fido


The better we empathize with those close to us, the better we understand them, whether they are human or an animal. Even so, it is difficult for us to see the world through our dog’s eyes. The reason is that we ask ourselves “How would I behave in the situation of the dog?” This is how many behaviors remain inexplicable, because we put ourselves, as humans, in the situation of the dog. We forget that humans and dogs perceive the world in very different ways.


The right question would be: “How would I behave in this situation if I were a dog?” To be able to answer this question, we have to use everything we know about the nature of a dog, his feelings, and his way of perceiving the world. The answer will be an approximation to reality, for we will never know for sure what it is like to be a dog. However, our dog will be grateful for the effort we make!



Choosing the new family member is a very important step. This decision will influence the next 15 years of our lives. Very often we make our choice by the looks of the dog, her breed or the way she looks at us from a picture. Even though our intuition may be very good in most cases, we can make the wrong choice and select a dog that won’t be happy with our style or rhythm of life.

After having lived for many years with shelter dogs, elderly dogs, puppies and dogs with or without behavior issues, I have developed – in combination with my knowlege about dog psychology – a good ability to choose the right type of dog for a certain environment.

Furthermore, my experience allows me to assess a shelter dog’s character and to estimate her needs and her personality. I offer help and counseling both during the adoption process of a shelter dog and during the search for a responsible breeder for a puppy of the desired breed.

First contact, information and looking for the dog: 30€

Mission completed, dog found: 30€

*Tax included.


Sometimes the reason why life with a dog gets really complicated is genetics, sometimes the environment, and sometimes both. We are making a dog live in an environment full of stimuli that can scare her, or cause her frustration for not being able to explore.

With time, most dogs learn to live in the environment we put them in, but some are not able to adapt and they will start to show behaviors that are not acceptable for us.

As a certified dog behavior consultant and psychologist I offer help with a complete evaluation, and also with the working guidelines to achieve a better life for both the dog and the handler and allow them to enjoy every day together.


First in-person class (includes evaluation and strategic work plan): 70€ 

Follow-up class: 40€ 

*Tax included.


These are walks we do in a group or with only just one dog, adapted to the needs of every dog.
They take place in the countryside or in a park. While the dogs are relaxing and walking, I explain the interactions and communication between them, the calming signals, and the reason for all the communicating going on.

I answer questions you may have on certain situations or interactions that you observe during the walk, or any other situation you may have questions about. We will all be observing the dogs to learn more about their world and how they move in it.
If I see the need to intervene at any given moment, I will explain how and when to do it. 

Price: 12€ per dog. /Duration: Two hours approximately.

*If a dog needs an individual walk without other dogs, the price will be the same as an individual class.

*Tax included.


4My mother tongue is German, but I am also bilingual en English. I love languages and I have no difficulty at all to switch between various.
In addition to that, I have been training dogs for the past 30 years, which enables me to be fluent in cynologic terminology in all three languages, as well.

I have done interpreting (consecutive translation) at workshops and seminars with the following English and German speakers:

Nick Chettle. Agility weekends. (English – Spanish)
Patrick Pageat. Seminar on intraspecific agression. (English – Spanish)
Inki Sjösten. Workshop on “Leader Educations”. (English – Spanish)
Beatrix Kühnis. Workshop for beginners at Mantrailing.
 (German – Spanish).

There are many very good books on canine behavior and dog training, but unfortunately, many of them only exist in English and German.
I therefore also offer help with their translation or corrections of already translated books.

Right now I am translating the book “Wege zur Freundschaft” by Ulli Reichmann, Vienna.


Book translations: please contact me

Interpreting at events: 40€/h

*Tax included.

Do you need more information on any of my services?

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