When I was 4 years old I already loved dogs so much that I went down to the little supermarket on our street to untie the dogs that were left at the doors, while their owners were shopping. I only wanted to take them for a walk.
Luckily, my mom knew what I was up to, and she was always able to stop me in time and give all the dogs back to their worried owners.
Even though I didn’t get my own dog until I was 15 years old, I grew up among parakeets flying around all over the house, guinea pigs running on our terrace, a rescue crow, alley cats we fed, tropical fish in my big fish tank, hamsters, mice, and slowworms that were too small to survive the winter.
Konrad Lorenzes books on geese and dogs were among my first cientific literature.
When my first dog Gina came to live with us, there were still not many humane methods in dog training, or at least I didn’t know them yet. Like most people, I learned to ‘control’ my dog by pulling on her leash and using force, rather than communicate with her. I never liked these ‘methods’. Neither did Gina, since she refused to go to the dog school with me.
The first time I saw a person treat a dog in training in a loving and respectful way, and the dog responding with a big smile on its face and a lot of will to please, was in the U.S.A. It was a small Poodle at a dog training center. That experience opened my eyes and made me want to know more about this force-free method of training.
Ever since then I haven’t stopped learning, reading and taking workshops and classes. And every time I feel like I hav gotten to a good level of knowledge, I read and learn something new that opens new doors to fascinating worlds.
In 2002 I decided to go professional as a dog trainer, doing home training. During all those years I was able to get to know many people and their dogs. Each one of them allowed me into their lives, to help them find a way to have a happy life with their dog, and at the same time let me broaden my knowledge as well.
Along the way, I have been very lucky to get to know a lot of great professionals who shared their ideas and ideologies with me. I think that’s the best way to evolve, sharing knowledge and information. Luckily, there are many very good people who believe in animal training based on mutual respect.
Nevertheless, those who most teach me every day are the dogs. I love to sit down on a park bench and just observe their body language, communication, interactions, when they are not being handled by their owners.
It’s hard to transmit the passion and compassion I feel for them. That’s why I love to invite more people to enter the world of the canines. I love that moment when I can clearly see my customers’ happiness because, finally, they were able to see the world through their dog’s eyes.


  • Home dog training at Lealcan during 13 years.
  • Work with assistance dogs for physically and mentally challenged people.
  • Training of dogs for television and theater (‘101 Dalmatians’).
  • Making of a short film with the Disney Channel (‘Enigma Animal’).
  • Expositions during the Madrid International Dog Show.
  • Independent dog trainer with home training.
  • I have worked with training groups in the field of obedience, guard dogs, Agility and puppy socialization.
  • Translator at the first Trickdogging workshop in Spain with Manuela Zaitz, organized by LealCan. (German-Spanish)
  • Translator at the first Agility workshop with Nick Chettle, organized by LealCan. (English-Spanish)
  • Translator at the seminar on intraspecific aggression with Patrick Pageat, organized by educadorcanino.com. (English-Spanish)
  • Translator at the workshop on “Leader Educations” AIM (Creating a mental image) with Inki Sjösten, organized by LealCan Adiestramiento. (English-Spanish)
  • Translator at the workshop on Mantrailing for beginners, with Beatrix Kühnis www.mantrailing-bl.ch (German-Spanish)


  • Graduate in canine psychology and behavior consultant. Through ATN (Akademie für Tiernaturheilkunde) Switzerland, with documents by Dr. Erik Zimen, Günther Bloch, Joachim Leidhold, Dr. Ute Blaschke-Berthold, Patricia A. Goodman, M.S, Erich Klinghammer, Ph.D., Dr. med. vet. Renate Jones-Baade, Pia Gröning, Maria Hense, Christina Sondermann, Chris Götte, Sabine Winkler. 2009-2012. Graduated in Abril 2012.
  • “Following your nose“ Mantrailing workshop with Martina Maier-Schmid, through Tom’s Hundewelt, Riegel, Germany. Abril 2017.
  • Workshop on “Leader Educations” AIM (Creating a mental image)Level 1: General obedience and mental activation. With Inki Sjösten. Organized by LealCan Adiestramiento.
  • 2000-2008 yearly special Agility training week with Nick Chettle of LEADS (Lower Eastcott Agility Dogs)
  • Seminar “Particularities of the early ontogenesis based on the neuronal development” by Dr. Dorit Urd Feddersen-Petersen. Organized by Animal-info Tierseminare,  Düsseldorf (Germany).
  • Seminar on Calming Signals, Turid Rugaas, Organized by AEPA (Asociación Española del Perro de Asistencia) in Madrid.
  • Seminar on evolution and development of canines (“Evo-Devo”). Raymond Coppinger. Organized by AEPA (Asociación Española de Perros de Asistenia).
  • Seminar “How to play with your dog”, using play in dog training and puppy socialization, for dog trainers. Heinz Weidt. Organized in Binningen (Switzerland).
  • Seminar “Basic principles of BAT (Behavior Adjustment Training)” Prevention and rehabilitation of aggression, fear and frustration in puppies and adult dogs. Grisha Stewart. Organized by Cursos de Clicker Sistema CAP.
  • 1st workshop for competition obedience in Spain. Fernando Silva Portugal.
  • Seminar “Clicker Forum” Mary Ray. Organized by Bocalán.
  • 1st Seminar with Ian Dunbar in Spain on canine behavior (Socialization, agression, reliability, precision and motivation). Organized by Positive Dog Training Spain.
  • Seminar on intraspecific aggression. Dr. Patrick Pageat. Organized by educadorcanino.com.
  • Seminar “A study on stress in dogs”. Susana Morillas. Organized by LealCan Adiestramiento.
  • Medical causes of behavioral issues and modification of aggressive behavior. Pablo Hernández Garzón and Arsenio Menchero Sánchez. Organized by AMVAC (Asociación madrileña de veterinarios de animales de compañia).
  • Seminar on nose work. Anne Lill Kvam. Organized by AEPA-EUSKADI and KNS Ediciones.
  • Seminar “Canine aggression”. Jaime Vidal Guzmán (Santi). Organized by Kanucan (Asociación para el bienestar del perro urbano).
  • 1st seminar on Trickdogging in SpainManuela Zaitz. Organized by LealCan Adiestramiento.
  • 1st seminar on Agility in Madrid. Pere Saavedra. Organized by LealCan Adiestramiento.
  • Seminar on AgilityNick Chettle. Organized by LealCan Adiestramiento.
  • Seminar “First steps in animal training”Carlos Bueren Tejero. Organized by LealCan Adiestramiento.
  • Seminar “Our dog’s emotions in a human world”, José Antonio Gómez, Grupo Yaakun and Escuela de Adiestramiento Deportivo Tutonka. Organized by LealCan Adiestramiento.
  • “Freestyle Disc Dogging”, Mark Muir. Organized by LealCan Adiestramiento.
  • “20 main things that every animal trainer should know”. Roger Abrantes. Organized by Pet B. Havior and Novo Norte K9 Evolución.
  • “Through a dog’s eyes”. Virginia Cabeza. Organized by APAP de Alcalá de Henares at National Geographic.
  • “First steps to a natural diet (BARF)”Mónica González, specialist in dietetics and veterinary nutrition. Organized by Mr Mutt.
  • “Introduction to cognitive-emotional training”Carlos Alfonso López García. Organized by LealCan Adiestramiento.
  • 2nd workshop on canine ntrition at Universidad Rey Juan Carlos. Emilio Virgos Cantalapiedra, Dr. José Luis Tejedor Real, Dr. Antonio Rodriguez Bertos, Baltasar Gallardo, Dr Antonio Parra Arjona. Organized by Universidad Rey Juan Carlos de Mostoles and Compassdog (Madrid).
  • Seminar on scent work and Mantrailing.  Beatrix Kühnis. Organized by LealCan Adiestramiento.

And you? Would you like to see the world through your dog’s eyes?